Thursday, December 30, 2010

Jordan Carver Tops 2010

As we get ready to end 2010 with a bang and enter 2011 with new goals and fantasies, our super star of this year and many more to come is definitely Jordan Carver. Jordan Carver opened her personal website February 1st, 2010 and it has just gotten better and better with each new photo set, video, blog post, behind the scenes and snapshots. Jordan Carver is by far the hottest babe around, a true goddess who never ceases to amaze.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Win Jordan Carver's Personal iPad



One of the next 99 subscribers can win my original Apple iPad ( 16GB / WiFi ). Join now and subscribe for the 3 month membership and you can win this very special present.

“ I bought this iPad one month ago. I’m so happy about using it. I thought by my self - maybe I should surprise someone with it. I will keep some very special pictures on it ... only for you!” Kiss Jordan

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Jordan Carver continues to deliver top content

Jordan Carver is absolutely World Class. Jordan is definitely the most exciting, most beautiful and most awesome Glamour Model in the world today. No one comes ever so close to this stunning beauty and it shows in all the content she releases to her members. Jordan Carver has a great personality as she is in constant contact with her fans and 1 lucky member get an opportunity of a life time to meet her in person. Jordan Carver will be on top of the game for a long time to come with legendary status as well. Below, is Jordan's latest content, check it out.

Latest Photo Set

Latest Video



Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Great views in Las Vegas with Sexy Jordan Carver

Have you ever seen the views this good in Las Vegas?? Well, well, well what a damn awesome sight, worth visiting if that were always the case. Jordan Carver was recently in Las Vegas for the SEMA Show representing Cobra Seats as she is Miss Cobra Seats 2011. By the looks of it she was at the Venetian Hotel chilling by the pool catch the last of the warm weather rays. The above photo is from Jordan Carver's Snapshot Mix Album and its only available to her members, so if you want to see more stunning views of this sexy goddess, click here to join her site and check Jordan Carver's latest Vegas Snapshots and much more... enjoy, cheers

Monday, November 15, 2010

Jordan Carver's Sexy Black Outfit

The very sexy Jordan Carver was in Las Vegas featuring at the SEMA show as Miss Cobra Seats 2011. Jordan Carver was the winner of Miss Cobra Seats for 2011 and appeared at SEMA fro Cobra Seats wearing a very sexy Black Outfit. Jordan looks super stunning and beautiful and I just have the feeling that there will be more titles on the way for the lovely Ms Carver. Enjoy the pictures of Jordan at SEMA and then join her site by clicking here to see more Sexy Hot SEMA pictures of Jordan Carver... enjoy, cheers

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Jordan Carver Pocahontas Super Sexy

Jordan Carver's latest photo set features the super sexy busty babe frolicking in a lake as Pocahontas. Jordan Carver is hitting the SEXINESS Heights Big Time and this set justifies how super hot she is. A quote from her official blog: "Aloha, my new set is out and I swear this was one of my most exiting shootings I ever had. I produce this set in Italy as well. Actually was the idea to made a video "a la Pocahonta". Well, the attempt failed because I always slipped and fell down the whole time. The stones was so slickly - unbelievable. So, we decided to change over to a photo porduction and this was definitely better for me. I also like the Pocahonta style which I mixed together from my wardrobe. What do you think about the very jungle style? Let me know...." Very sexy indeed. Click here to visit her site and checkout Jordan Carver's latest Pocahontas Set... enjoy, cheers

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Jordan Carver is a Super Babe

Jordan Carver is the top babe of 2010 and for years to come. Jordan is the total package and I do not think that any other Busty Babe comes close to her. Jordan Carver has just won Miss Cobra Seats 2011 title and I am sure that there will be many more. I want to get her onto Maxim 100 Top Babes, that is my goal for 2011. Right now, get yourself over to her site and enjoy the latest photo set from the Sexy Goddess, Jordan Carver... enjoy, cheers

Monday, November 1, 2010

Jordan Carver is the new Miss Cobra Seats 2011

Congratulations Jordan Carver on being crowned Miss Cobra Seats 2011. This is awesome news as our favourite busty glamour model has claimed the title of Miss Cobra Seats 2011 and we all know that there is so much more to come from the very beautiful Jordan Carver. Click here for more information about the stunning Jordan Carver winning the Miss Cobra Seats title... enjoy, cheers

Friday, October 29, 2010

Jordan Carver is one classy lady

Have you seen Jordan Carver's latest photo set Muro? Well do yourself a huge favor and get over to her website and check it out, because this 1 pictures just does not do enough justice to how phenomenal this woman really is.

Jordan Carver is taking the world by storm with her great looks and very confident self esteem. She gives it all in every photo set and the behind the scenes shows us exactly that. Click here to visit her website and enjoy the full photo set and more... enjoy, cheers

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Jordan Carver making it sexy

Stunning, stunningly gorgeous Jordan Carver. Oh my, does this girl ever stop looking super sexy??? What an awesome babe!!!
Her latest set is going to get your pulses racing big time. We are seeing more and more topless shots these days although Jordan does cover her nips with her hands or with strategically place shots, but who cares, this gal is super hot.
Jordan Carver's content is top notch and no other model comes close to her. Jordan currently is vying for top babe on Sube Sports website and I am certain she is taking it hands down. Click here to join her site and enjoy all that is sexy hot about the beautiful Jordan Carver...enjoy, cheers

Friday, October 15, 2010

Jordan Carver in full swing

Latest Set
Jordan Carver's latest photo set features the super stunning babe wearing sexy hot black lingerie and does what she knows how to do best. She oozes sexiness and self esteem big time.
Click here to view more of the latest photo set.

Latest Movie
Well, Jordan Carver gets wet while washing her car, Need I say more. This is a fun movie and its great watching Jordan being herself and yes she does a little frolicking in the water.
Click here to view her latest movie.
This is my favorite section It's in the moment pictures and I love them for just that. These are snapshot of Jordan during projects, travels and everyday activities. Click here to enjoy Jordan's latest entries.
Crazytimes hehe :) Great on set backstage shots and watch Jordan get mischievous during shoots.
Click here to view more.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Jordan Carver running around the Village in sexy underwear

Now why does this not happen in my town??? The beautiful Jordan Carver is wowing us again in a very sexy, super hot Blue and White number. These photos are taken from the photo set called "Villagio". Jordan Carver is posing in sexy lingerie in a small European village where all the local folk can catch a glimpse of her super hot body. I am sure the men must have been gawking and the woman talking, but who cares, its Jordan Carver and she can do anything she wants. Now if I was mayor of that town I'd..... anyways, visit her website and enjoy this awesome set... enjoy, cheers,

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Jordan Carver looking as awesome as ever

Wouldn't you love to spend a day with the stunningly gorgeous Jordan Carver?? Well you sort of can by following her personal blog that she writes up quite often and adds some great pictures of what she s up to in the moment. If you really do want to spend a day with her, you actually can. Jordan has a meet and greet for all her members and one lucky member does get to spend the day with this phenomenal beauty. Click here to sign up with Jordan Carver and read her personal blog and maybe one day you will be the lucky person to meet her in person... enjoy, cheers.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Rocking the Oktoberfest with Jordan Carver


The beautiful Jordan Carver is in Munich enjoying the biggest beer drinking festival in the world, the Oktoberfest. The above video is appeared on a Chicago morning news channel sent from Jordan Carver giving a tour of the Oktoberfest. Jordan Carver is super awesome, love her voice.
Click here to visit her site... enjoy, cheers

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Jordan Carver's Sweet Fruit

Wouldn't you love go into the orchids with Jordan Carver and pick some sweet fruit? Anytime, any day for sures... Have a look at the totally hot pic on the left and tell me if that's proper fruit picking attire. Of course it is.

Jordan Carver is super sexy wearing tiny black short shorts and a pink band across her chest. As you can clearly see, the band ain't covering much at all. So much boob there, wow. Click here to join Jordan Carver's website and enjoy the fruits of her labour... enjoy, cheers

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Jordan Carver releases her video blog

Nicely done Jordan Carver. Jordan has just released her video blog and its quite a treat. Its brilliant actually, you get to hear Jordan's sweet sexy voice. I replayed this video over and over again just to hear her.

She starts out walking over to a quiet spot and opens her book on what she has documented. She talks about Drndl, a traditional German dress that shows plenty cleavage and about the Oktoberfest, the beer drinking, folk signing carnival that takes place for 2 weeks in Bavaria. Its a great addition to Jordan Carver's fantastic website and only available to members. Click here to join her site and enjoy all her content...enjoy, cheers.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Jordan Carver out in the hot dessert

Super Hotness to the Max!!! Jordan Carver rocks bigtime and in her latest set called "Queen Lada", Jordan is tops once again. Her Into the Blue was absolutely phenomenal and with her you know there will always be something more exciting and better.

Jordan Carver does not need to go need to please the masses, she just keeps doing what she does and is taking the world by storm.
Click here to view Jordan Carver's latest photo set... enjoy, cheers

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Jordan Carver's sweet plums

Tasty treats provided by the deliciously gorgeous Jordan Carver. If you were invited to lunch at Jordan's place, you are definitely in for treat. Jordan Carver is not just a girl with a pretty face and nice boobs, but has great personality and a knack for cooking and baking. 

In her latest video 'Jordan's Cake Book', Jordan Carver bakes a delicious plum cake and boy does it look good. You must check out the video as there some very sexy angles of the beautiful Jordan Carver. Click here to join and enjoy her latest tasty treat... enjoy, cheers

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Jordan Carver Into the Blue

Into the Blue is absolutely tops. Then again what would expect from the ever beautiful Jordan Carver and her company. The photography is phenomenal, the lighting, ambiance and setting is totally top class. Jordan Carver puts a lot of effort in bringing new ideas which keeps her fans excited and happy in waiting for the release of her next Photo Set, HD Video Clip, Snapshot and Blog entry. We love you Jordan Carver, you rock big time!!!. Click here to visit her website and join up to enjoy the full Into the Blue photo set and more... enjoy, cheers.

Friday, September 3, 2010

A beautiful Snapshot of Jordan Carver

Super Stunner Jordan Carver

What a beautiful picture of the gorgeous Jordan Carver. Jordan is looking absolutely spectacular these days. This picture is from her SnapShot section and is only available to her members. This is one of my favorite part of her website, she is so graceful. The snapshot show pics of her on tour and shots during photo shoots which are not included in her photo sets. Click here to join and enjoy all of Jordan Carver

Monday, August 30, 2010

Get in and enjoy the Stunning Jordan Carver

The latest Snapshot features Jordan Carver wearing a nice tight wetsuit and hitting the waves... Rock on Babe!!!
You get awesome snapshots of Jordan Carver on tour and just being herself. Click here to view.
Jordan Carver having fun at the beach. Jordan updates her personal blog with the latest happenings and events for her members, click here to read more.

Jordan Carver walking the Rail Road

So you trekking down the Rail Road and suddenly you come across a super sexy hot busty babe wearing nothing but a tiny small denim shorts and a black and red hotness to the max bra. This babe is carrying a six pack of beers and goes by the name of Jordan Carver. Illusion or Fantasy???

This is another great set from the stunningly gorgeous Jordan Carver called Rail Road and she is looking nothing but hot wearing those little tiny shorts and then enjoys the beers.... all over her, nice...
You got to get in and have a look at this very sexy set. Visit Jordan Carver's website for the full set and more.... enjoy, cheers.