Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Jordan Carver Stunning

Jordan Carver Vintage
Jordan is beautiful, stunning, gorgeous, sexy, super awesome and ..... you get the jist. But this set is absolutely mesmerizing in that the photographer captured so much beauty and grace. I think you can put Jordan Carver any setting and she will make it the best possible. Visit her website today and experience the total beautiness of the Very Hot babe that is Jordan Carver

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Circus Featured Presentation - Jordan Carver

Jordan Carver Circus
Her we go, The Greatest Show on Earth Presents the Greatest and Most Beautiful Woman in the World: The Stunningly Sexy Hot Jordan Carver... (the crowd are on their feet going absolutely ballistic as Jordan enters) oh hang on , let me get back to this. Well can you blame me, Jordan Carver has this effect on me whereby I just sit back and dream of the gorgeous babe.

Jordan Carver's latest photo set is called Circus and what a spectacular event it is. As always, the stunning beauty does not disappoint, wish I was the prop. Visit JordanCarver.com to view the full Circus set and also dont' forget to check out her latest video which is seriously kick ass hot. Jordan Carver is Big Time Sexiness to the Max.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Jordan Carver Hot Black Lingerie

Beautiful Jordan Carver

This stunningly beautiful picture of Jordan Carver is from her Facebook Profile and I got permission to use it in my blog. Jordan Carver is an absolute stunner, an untouched beauty. The black and white picture shows her features perfectly. Jordan Carver you are a true goddess.

If you want to see more stunningly hot sexy pictures of the gorgeous Jordan Carver, visit her website and enjoy....

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Jordan Carver is Hotness to the Max!!!

Oh my damn!!! Jordan Carver oozes Hotness big time. She is very sexy, sultry and drop dead gorgeous. I am sure every time Jordan Carver enters a room, everyone stops what they are doing and has a stunned glazed upon their mush as the Most Beautiful Woman in the World passes by. I mean come on, its crazy to even think how sexy this busty babe really is. In her latest photo set called Caught in Black, Jordan Carver is a super goddess with a body that is so fit and in tune with her beauty. Her poses are mesmerizing and keep me in constant awe.... Visit Jordan Carver today to enjoy her work as much as I have been. Jordan Carver you are a stunning babe, cheers.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Got Milk? Jordan Carver has!!!

um, um, kinda catching my breathe here... hang on.... okay almost. Damn it who ever said milk is not good for you hahaha. This is is one milkalicious photo set to say the least. Jordan Carver you super hot busty beauty!!! This is one of her latest photo sets to come out this month and what a set it is - Jordan Carver Milk. Can I clean up.... enjoy the full Milk photo set by joining her website.... cheers, time for some milk

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Jordan Carver's Super Sexy Body

Jordan Carver's first set at PinupFiles Jordan
Jordan Carver Library Photo Set Jordan Carver Play with me Photo Set
Jordan Carver has one hell of a body and I think everyone can definitely agree with me on that.

The first time I got to know of Jordan Carver was when PinupFiles/Glam posted her first set that she did with them and I was captivated and blown away by her incredible beauty and knock out body. After a bit of research I found out that Jordan Carver has had website and had some sets on which I found on Jcub's Jordan Carver-Unofficial blog.

With all the buzz that Jordan Carver created with the announcement of the opening of her official website, jordancarver.com, I too could not wait for February 1st, 2010. That day arrived and everyone anticipated wait had come to an end and with great delight enjoyed the first photo sets that the lovely Jordan Carver gave us. Jordan posted her first set called Ahoy and well Ahoy there sexy matey. This set featured the gorgeous Jordan in a mini sailor suit and this was the start to an incredible affection for Jordan Carver.

It just keep getting better with the sets that followed and this all happened in her first month of the launch of her website. Play with me and Library are so super hot that an ice cold bath was needed everytime the next picture was viewed. Once Valentines day came around, you just knew that you were going to be in for treat and of course we were with a Valentines Photo Set of Jordan Carver wearing a sexillicious red and white bra (damn)... As the fans were going wild and in awe of her awesomeness, some one had to step in and take control of the situation and who better to call but the Sheriff, yes the Sheriff. This was unbelievable, Jordan Carver wearing black lingerie and a small little tight brown blouse that made a her cleavage so damn hot you'd surrender in second. and with the heavy metal she meant business, don't mess with this babe, EVER!!!!... nice. All in all its been a very good first month at JordanCarver.com and we are all bracing ourselves for her first movie that will be out soon.

Did I also mention that Jordan Carver has diary snap shots too. You got to get over to her website and enjoy all that Jordan Carver has to offer. You will not be sorry. CHEERS!!!