Thursday, March 4, 2010

Jordan Carver's Super Sexy Body

Jordan Carver's first set at PinupFiles Jordan
Jordan Carver Library Photo Set Jordan Carver Play with me Photo Set
Jordan Carver has one hell of a body and I think everyone can definitely agree with me on that.

The first time I got to know of Jordan Carver was when PinupFiles/Glam posted her first set that she did with them and I was captivated and blown away by her incredible beauty and knock out body. After a bit of research I found out that Jordan Carver has had website and had some sets on which I found on Jcub's Jordan Carver-Unofficial blog.

With all the buzz that Jordan Carver created with the announcement of the opening of her official website,, I too could not wait for February 1st, 2010. That day arrived and everyone anticipated wait had come to an end and with great delight enjoyed the first photo sets that the lovely Jordan Carver gave us. Jordan posted her first set called Ahoy and well Ahoy there sexy matey. This set featured the gorgeous Jordan in a mini sailor suit and this was the start to an incredible affection for Jordan Carver.

It just keep getting better with the sets that followed and this all happened in her first month of the launch of her website. Play with me and Library are so super hot that an ice cold bath was needed everytime the next picture was viewed. Once Valentines day came around, you just knew that you were going to be in for treat and of course we were with a Valentines Photo Set of Jordan Carver wearing a sexillicious red and white bra (damn)... As the fans were going wild and in awe of her awesomeness, some one had to step in and take control of the situation and who better to call but the Sheriff, yes the Sheriff. This was unbelievable, Jordan Carver wearing black lingerie and a small little tight brown blouse that made a her cleavage so damn hot you'd surrender in second. and with the heavy metal she meant business, don't mess with this babe, EVER!!!!... nice. All in all its been a very good first month at and we are all bracing ourselves for her first movie that will be out soon.

Did I also mention that Jordan Carver has diary snap shots too. You got to get over to her website and enjoy all that Jordan Carver has to offer. You will not be sorry. CHEERS!!!

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