Friday, April 30, 2010

Jordan Carver Looking Awesome in Tube

Every time I see a new set from Jordan Carver, I am amazed at this woman's body and grace. Jordan Carver is a super fine lady and with sex appeal and charm. She epitomizes beauty, a truly world class babe.

Her new Photo Set is called Tube and she is wearing very sexy hot lingerie. Her face is stunningly gorgeous, her legs are beautiful and she does have a butt that is ultra awesome. Jordan Carver is the total package. Jordan Carver quoted on her FaceBook page that she had taken a tumble on her sexy butt. Would love to have taken care of that for her... Click here to see more of Jordan Carver`s Tube photo set, you will be blown away by this Super Hot Ultra Vixen...cheers, enjoy

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Jordan Carver in Slow-mo dance

These video screen shots are from Jordan Carver's Slow-Motion video. Its a damn sexy video with the Super Gorgeous Jordan Carver moving in slow motion and kick in it big time with some rock music. Its a brilliant video and everyone will enjoy it. Visit Jordan Carver's website to view this hot video. Cheers

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

It does not get better than Jordan Carver

If you can find me a better looking woman than Jordan Carver, then that woman is a Super Goddess. Seriously, how can any other woman top the stunningly gorgeous Jordan Carver. Like I said in my very first post of The Jordan Carver Blog, Jordan is The Woman of 2010 and definitely for years to come. I am a huge boob, calves and back fan and the picture of Jordan Carver's back in this Table Photo Set is totally mesmerizing. Its very sexy and super perfect.

I love the view we get of Jordan Carver's luscious breast from behind, out of this world really. Click here if you want to view and enjoy the Super Sexillicious Jordan Carver table Photo Shoot and more... cheers, enjoy

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Super Sexy Hot Biker Girl 2

Say no more... Part 2 of Jordan Carver's Biker Girl Photo set and yes this is Hotness to the Max big time. Jordan is incredible and totally awesome. Great babe with a great body. Visit Jordan Carver's website to enjoy the full set... cheers

Friday, April 23, 2010

Jordan Carver visiting London

The stunningly gorgeous Jordan Carver has made a stop in London and if anyone out there should happen to come across Super Sexy Jordan Carver, please grab a picture or 2. This picture is from a webcam photo from her website - "Greetings from London".

Visit Jordan Carver's website for more details of her webcam pictures, video clips, studio photos and more, enjoy.... cheers

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Jordan Carver the Sexy Roller Girl

Jordan Carver the Roller Girl!!! Bloody Hell, just when you thought you could cool down for a minute, the beautiful Jordan Carver adds more photos to her Roller Girl Photo Set. Jordan Carver has a great body and you can see she takes great care of herself working out and keeping fit. Can I go skating with you Jordan??? I think she would leave me behind, but that would not be a bad thing as the view would be phenomenal. To view the full Roller Girl photo set, head on over to Jordan Carver's website.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Jordan Carver at the Railroad

Jordan Carver's latest photo-set is called Railroad. Its a great set with the lovely Jordan showing off her Sexiness to the Max. She makes any scene super fine and I just enjoy every time Jordan releases new content at her site either photos or videos, its just brilliant.

Visit Jordan Carver's website to enjoy the full Railroad set... Hotness to the Max

Jordan Carver Table and being beautiful

You want hotness??? Well it does not get hotter than this (well Jordan's next set of course). Jordan Carver is super sexy, gorgeous, beautiful, out of this world, you name it she is. I keep hearing a lot of people complaining that Jordan Carver is just like Denise Milani, does not show any nipple, and that they cannot be bothered with the stunning beauty. To me, its more intriguing that Jordan Carver chooses not to reveal all and that is perfectly fine, because its all in the mystery I think this keeps the interest up. Jordan Carver can wear anything and make it looking ultra sexillicious. Just look at the following BMW picks taken from her visit to Germany.

Jordan just made that BMW look like the sexiest mode of transportation ever. You say that is not beautiful.. come on, you do not enjoy beauty to its fullest. Visit Jordan Carver's website and enjoy her Table photo set... cheers

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Super Hot Biker Girl Jordan Carver

Now this is one super hot sexy video of the Gorgeous Jordan Carver. Jordan cruises into the garage on a damn fine custom chopper. Jordan Carver gets hot, sweaty and greasy while doing maintenance on the beast. Got your motor racing yet??? Well if you want to get the full scale of this super hot Biker Girl Series, visit for more.... enjoy