Thursday, May 27, 2010

Jordan Carver Chilled out Sexy

The beautiful Jordan Carver chilling out in a bikini under the warm sun. As always no matter what Jordan carver is up to she is always looking super sexy. Jordan was in a little hick town called Hisperia when this picture was taken and she posted it to her Facebook page. Look out for Jordan Carver appearing on in "Call to Jordan", Mad Jordan" and "Jordan Action Hero", will blow you away with the heavy metal.

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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Jordan Carver visits Niagara Falls

I have never seen Niagara Falls looks so beautiful and almost did not notice it at all. Jordan Carver is a natural phenomenon, a super beautiful woman. Jordan Carver was in Toronto recently and took a few snaps of her time in TO and Niagara Falls. There are some great candid shots of Jordan having fun in the city and you can see that this babe is full of life. If I knew that Jordan Carver was in Toronto, I could of quickly jumped on the 401 and headed to TO, so close but yet so far.... This is great set and shows how stunning Jordan Carver really is. Take a good look at the picture above, do you see Niagara Falls, no because you are to busy admiring the gorgeous Jordan. Click here to view the full Toronto Snapshot photo set.... cheers, enjoy

You can be my Queen anyday Jordan Carver

Great new movie from the Beautiful Jordan Carver called The Princess. Jordan is looking as great as ever wearing black lingerie and her super sexiness is overflowing. The new song by Usher OMG has 2 great lines; "Honeys got a booty like pow pow pow, Honeys got boobies wow, oh wow" and that is definitely for Jordan Carver because she has great breasts and booty and shows it off well in this video. She is Hotness to the Max!!! Click here to view The Princess video... cheers, enjoy

Monday, May 10, 2010

Jordan Carver's Fade to Grey kicks

Fade to Grey is probably the most impressive set done to date done by Jordan Carver or any model as a matter of fact. I do not think that any model out there has produced a set more appealing than this. Jordan Carver is a world class beauty and I do not think that I have come across a more down to earth and full of life model like herself.

Her new photo set Fade to Grey has the making of legendary status and will leave you with your jaw dropped in absolute awe of this Super Gorgeous, Super Sexy babe.

Each photo of this set is a journey in itself. I find it hard to leave one picture and move the next, yes I know I can always come back to it but my goodness you just cannot leave.Jordan notes in her biography that she is very confident in her look, beauty and sex appeal and boy is she absolutely spot on. Jordan Carver works the angles and lighting so magnificently that you are captured in the moment and can almost feel like you are there working with her.

All her photo sets are very different in that Jordan Carve does not have the same pose, emotion, look, style and that sets her apart from all the models that are around on the net. She is superbly different, unique and I think she will always produce content that will keep you interested which most of the usual's lack. Jordan Carver you are a gift and breath of fresh air. Keep it up and all the best...
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Monday, May 3, 2010

Nice to see Jordan Carver getting pampered

The latest video from our beautiful Jordan Carver is called Secret. Here Jordan Carver takes some time out to get pampered and treated to a nice relaxing massage. Click here to see Jordan Carver Secret video, enjoy... cheers

JCub's blog gets a personal video from Jordan Carver

Wow, how about getting a personal video from the Super Sexy Jordan Carver. I am sure many of you know of JCub's Jordan Carver blog over at and yes he received a personal video clip from Jordan Carver herself mentioning a special thanks to her favourite fanpage. I too wish to reach the same level that JCub has with his blog and provide great content for all you Jordan Carver fans. Head on over to to view the personal video... enjoy