Monday, August 30, 2010

Get in and enjoy the Stunning Jordan Carver

The latest Snapshot features Jordan Carver wearing a nice tight wetsuit and hitting the waves... Rock on Babe!!!
You get awesome snapshots of Jordan Carver on tour and just being herself. Click here to view.
Jordan Carver having fun at the beach. Jordan updates her personal blog with the latest happenings and events for her members, click here to read more.

Jordan Carver walking the Rail Road

So you trekking down the Rail Road and suddenly you come across a super sexy hot busty babe wearing nothing but a tiny small denim shorts and a black and red hotness to the max bra. This babe is carrying a six pack of beers and goes by the name of Jordan Carver. Illusion or Fantasy???

This is another great set from the stunningly gorgeous Jordan Carver called Rail Road and she is looking nothing but hot wearing those little tiny shorts and then enjoys the beers.... all over her, nice...
You got to get in and have a look at this very sexy set. Visit Jordan Carver's website for the full set and more.... enjoy, cheers.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Jordan Carver looking super glamorous

When you look at lingerie models you get excited at how sexy the model looks and then quickly that excitement wears off. When you see Jordan Carver wearing lingerie you keep begging for more and more and the excitement stays with you until the next super sexy set comes out. This is the biggest difference between the stunningly gorgeous Jordan Carver and any other lingerie model or big boobed model on the net. Jordan Carver has it all, the perfect package, great body, beautiful face with stunning eyes and a gracious smile, a toosh that is second to none and a personality that is so down to earth. Jordan Carver you are a Goddess!!! Click here to view previews of this Hot Sexy Set.... enjoy, cheers.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Jordan Carver's cracking new Jordanimal set

OH MY F@#&!!!! Hands up if you think Jordan Carver is super sexy hot!!! I think the whole world just put their hands up right about now. How killer hot is Jordan Carver in this latest set over at ActionGirls. Incredible body, amazing beauty, Jordan Carver is Jordanimal. Click here to preview some photos and join up to get the full set as well as the HD Video, kickass ... HOTNESS TO THE MAX!!!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

All about the beautiful Jordan Carver

Photo Sets
Jordan Carver has the best photo sets of any model on the net by far. They are sexy, stunning and most of all they are Jordan Carver and not someone portraying to be something else. Her latest photo set is called "Guiletta".Click here to view her latest photo set.

The Snapshots are awesome. This section has great images of Jordan Carver either on location, vacation and in action enjoying life. The image on the left is Jordan Carver and a friend at the Tao Beach Bar of the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas.Click here to view her latest snapshots.

Extra Large Images
Super Sexy Supersized pictures of the stunningly gorgeous Jordan Carver at 5600 x 3700 / 300dpi, thats just massive. Get in and get a great image for a poster of this sexy beauty.Click here to view her XXL images.
Personal Blog
Jordan Carver writes up her own personal blog and has her day to day entries and some snapshots of what she is up to. These are super classic shots of her show her true beauty. Love all the candids and entries.Click here to read her latest blog post.