Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Jordan Carver looking as awesome as ever

Wouldn't you love to spend a day with the stunningly gorgeous Jordan Carver?? Well you sort of can by following her personal blog that she writes up quite often and adds some great pictures of what she s up to in the moment. If you really do want to spend a day with her, you actually can. Jordan has a meet and greet for all her members and one lucky member does get to spend the day with this phenomenal beauty. Click here to sign up with Jordan Carver and read her personal blog and maybe one day you will be the lucky person to meet her in person... enjoy, cheers.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Rocking the Oktoberfest with Jordan Carver


The beautiful Jordan Carver is in Munich enjoying the biggest beer drinking festival in the world, the Oktoberfest. The above video is appeared on a Chicago morning news channel sent from Jordan Carver giving a tour of the Oktoberfest. Jordan Carver is super awesome, love her voice.
Click here to visit her site... enjoy, cheers

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Jordan Carver's Sweet Fruit

Wouldn't you love go into the orchids with Jordan Carver and pick some sweet fruit? Anytime, any day for sures... Have a look at the totally hot pic on the left and tell me if that's proper fruit picking attire. Of course it is.

Jordan Carver is super sexy wearing tiny black short shorts and a pink band across her chest. As you can clearly see, the band ain't covering much at all. So much boob there, wow. Click here to join Jordan Carver's website and enjoy the fruits of her labour... enjoy, cheers

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Jordan Carver releases her video blog

Nicely done Jordan Carver. Jordan has just released her video blog and its quite a treat. Its brilliant actually, you get to hear Jordan's sweet sexy voice. I replayed this video over and over again just to hear her.

She starts out walking over to a quiet spot and opens her book on what she has documented. She talks about Drndl, a traditional German dress that shows plenty cleavage and about the Oktoberfest, the beer drinking, folk signing carnival that takes place for 2 weeks in Bavaria. Its a great addition to Jordan Carver's fantastic website and only available to members. Click here to join her site and enjoy all her content...enjoy, cheers.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Jordan Carver out in the hot dessert

Super Hotness to the Max!!! Jordan Carver rocks bigtime and in her latest set called "Queen Lada", Jordan is tops once again. Her Into the Blue was absolutely phenomenal and with her you know there will always be something more exciting and better.

Jordan Carver does not need to go need to please the masses, she just keeps doing what she does and is taking the world by storm.
Click here to view Jordan Carver's latest photo set... enjoy, cheers

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Jordan Carver's sweet plums

Tasty treats provided by the deliciously gorgeous Jordan Carver. If you were invited to lunch at Jordan's place, you are definitely in for treat. Jordan Carver is not just a girl with a pretty face and nice boobs, but has great personality and a knack for cooking and baking. 

In her latest video 'Jordan's Cake Book', Jordan Carver bakes a delicious plum cake and boy does it look good. You must check out the video as there some very sexy angles of the beautiful Jordan Carver. Click here to join and enjoy her latest tasty treat... enjoy, cheers

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Jordan Carver Into the Blue

Into the Blue is absolutely tops. Then again what would expect from the ever beautiful Jordan Carver and her company. The photography is phenomenal, the lighting, ambiance and setting is totally top class. Jordan Carver puts a lot of effort in bringing new ideas which keeps her fans excited and happy in waiting for the release of her next Photo Set, HD Video Clip, Snapshot and Blog entry. We love you Jordan Carver, you rock big time!!!. Click here to visit her website and join up to enjoy the full Into the Blue photo set and more... enjoy, cheers.

Friday, September 3, 2010

A beautiful Snapshot of Jordan Carver

Super Stunner Jordan Carver

What a beautiful picture of the gorgeous Jordan Carver. Jordan is looking absolutely spectacular these days. This picture is from her SnapShot section and is only available to her members. This is one of my favorite part of her website, she is so graceful. The snapshot show pics of her on tour and shots during photo shoots which are not included in her photo sets. Click here to join and enjoy all of Jordan Carver