Friday, October 29, 2010

Jordan Carver is one classy lady

Have you seen Jordan Carver's latest photo set Muro? Well do yourself a huge favor and get over to her website and check it out, because this 1 pictures just does not do enough justice to how phenomenal this woman really is.

Jordan Carver is taking the world by storm with her great looks and very confident self esteem. She gives it all in every photo set and the behind the scenes shows us exactly that. Click here to visit her website and enjoy the full photo set and more... enjoy, cheers

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Jordan Carver making it sexy

Stunning, stunningly gorgeous Jordan Carver. Oh my, does this girl ever stop looking super sexy??? What an awesome babe!!!
Her latest set is going to get your pulses racing big time. We are seeing more and more topless shots these days although Jordan does cover her nips with her hands or with strategically place shots, but who cares, this gal is super hot.
Jordan Carver's content is top notch and no other model comes close to her. Jordan currently is vying for top babe on Sube Sports website and I am certain she is taking it hands down. Click here to join her site and enjoy all that is sexy hot about the beautiful Jordan Carver...enjoy, cheers

Friday, October 15, 2010

Jordan Carver in full swing

Latest Set
Jordan Carver's latest photo set features the super stunning babe wearing sexy hot black lingerie and does what she knows how to do best. She oozes sexiness and self esteem big time.
Click here to view more of the latest photo set.

Latest Movie
Well, Jordan Carver gets wet while washing her car, Need I say more. This is a fun movie and its great watching Jordan being herself and yes she does a little frolicking in the water.
Click here to view her latest movie.
This is my favorite section It's in the moment pictures and I love them for just that. These are snapshot of Jordan during projects, travels and everyday activities. Click here to enjoy Jordan's latest entries.
Crazytimes hehe :) Great on set backstage shots and watch Jordan get mischievous during shoots.
Click here to view more.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Jordan Carver running around the Village in sexy underwear

Now why does this not happen in my town??? The beautiful Jordan Carver is wowing us again in a very sexy, super hot Blue and White number. These photos are taken from the photo set called "Villagio". Jordan Carver is posing in sexy lingerie in a small European village where all the local folk can catch a glimpse of her super hot body. I am sure the men must have been gawking and the woman talking, but who cares, its Jordan Carver and she can do anything she wants. Now if I was mayor of that town I'd..... anyways, visit her website and enjoy this awesome set... enjoy, cheers,