Thursday, November 10, 2011

Jordan Carver Topless Can You Spot Her Nipple?

Oh yes and if you can't spot it, that's your loss. Jordan Carver you are absolutely stunning!!!

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Jordan Carver Rocking TAO Big Time!!!

Jordan Carver was recently in Vegas for the SEMA show which she is the current Miss Cobra Seats 2011. While in Vegas, the beautiful Jordan likes to have fun and there is no better place than TAO night club at The Venetian hotel. (Tip) If you ever go to TAO, don't go with guys only, make sure you have a lady friend with you preferably showing some cleavage. First time I went to TAO with 4 friends, we were turned away. Went back with my beautiful busty wife showing cleavage and it was Right this way Sir!.

Check out more of Jordan Carver in Vegas at her website. ROCK ON Jordan Rock On!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Jordan Carver Pics Underground Stunner

Jordan Carver Blog - Underground 
Jordan Carver is enjoying public shooting. One of her recent photo sets is called 'Underground' and Jordan Carver is wearing one of her French Lingerie's for this stunning set.  Jordan noted that she feels comfortable doing shots like this which only means we will be seeing a lot more of Jordan Carver's sexy flesh out in public places.

Click => Jordan Carver Pics <= for the latest photoshoot, Underground in high-res.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Hidden - New Jordan Carver Vid

This is what our beautiful Jordan Carver gets up to during the day. Jordan puts on her most sexiest lingerie, black jacket and a pair high heels and goes walkabouts. HOT!!! Jordan Carver's latest video is called 'Hidden' which can only be found in her members area. Jordan goes out in public and shows off her awesome lingerie. Now who would not stop to have look at whats going. This is what makes Jordan different to other girls.

Jordan Carver, you ROCK BIG TIME!!!

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Thursday, October 6, 2011

New Jordan Carver Gallery - Glam Session


The Jordan Carver Blog has a preview of Jordan Carver's latest photo set at GlamourShow. As always, our sexy beautiful busty Jordan is Rocking the Glam and looking ever so hot in a tight fitting black outfit.

Catch all the skinny of the latest set at Jordan Carver's website

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Jordan Carver Rocking the ZOO Once Again!

Our beautiful, stunningly gorgeous, super busty babe Jordan Carver is gracing the cover of ZOO Today Magazine once again. Soon Jordan will be owning the mag and I don't see any sign of any other model having a sniff of knocking her off. You Rock Big Time Jordan Carver!!!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Super Goddess at the Jordan Carver blog

We all know and can agree that Jordan Carver is a Super Hot Sexy Babe. Honestly isn't she much more than that? I honestly and think and this is my own opinion, that Jordan Carver can claim Super Goddess status now. Jordan is top of the Goddess list, untouchable. I love her catch phrase on her website "because normal girls can't dress like this"; very true. Well other girls do not have a body like you miss Jordan Carver.

As October fast approaches, the whole of Bavaria is preparing for the biggest annual folk festival of the year with lots of beer and babes wearing Drindls. Also our Super Goddess, Jordan Carver is all geared up for the festival which should be a rockin good time once again.

Jordan Carver Gallery of Snapshots will be loaded with updates, pictures and videos of her frolics in Munich. So if you want to catch all the skinny and not miss our, join Jordan Carver's website today.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Pink Stunner - Jordan Carver Blog

WOW!!! Damn, this is super crazy hot. White picket fences and a busty babe wearing a very sexy hot pink bathing suit. What neighborhood is this, because I need to move! Busty Jordan Carver puts on a very sexilicious bathing suit, goes outside and gives her tits a nice squeeze. Just too brilliant.

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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Sailing White Bikini - Jordan Carver Gallery

All hands on _ _ _ _! Now this is one boat I want to be on. Jordan Carver goes sailing with a white, sexy bikini. How brilliant is that! Not sure how the sailor or captain of this vessel was able to leave and return to port without capsizing it with all this Jordan Carver distraction going on. Its just too damn hot for any boat.

Catch all the skinny, by joining Jordan Carver's website and see more hot sailing pics and videos.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Jordan Carver Gallery - Skimpy Tee and Bra-less

Now this is a super great set called Air from the latest Jordan Carver Gallery. Our gorgeous Jordan Carver at an air show wearing grey shorts and a very skimpy white vest with NO BRA!!! DAMN.... I absolutely love her tits. Have a good look at the picture above. Look where they sit, that is absolutely hot. AND the picture below is mind blowing hot. Have a look at her nipples, they in a very nice position on her big breasts, goddess tits!!!!

This is a great set and I know you will enjoy this very much. If you are not a member of Jordan Carver's website, please do yourself a favor and get in. You are missing out big time.

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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Jordan Carver Blog - Rocking London Big Time!

Our sexiest babe of babes did a little stop over in London on her way to Bavaria and took in the sights and sounds of the bustling English City. Jordan Carver has said that London is one of her favourite cities to visit. The only sight I am enjoying are those of the super sexy, super busty Jordan Carver.

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Monday, September 12, 2011

Jordan Carver Pics - Stunning Glamour

The Jordan Carver Blog would like to present to you Crazy Super Hot Out of This World Stunningly Gorgeous photos of the very sexy Jordan Carver from GlamourShow.

Please Click here to see the complete GlamourShow Photo Set...

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Jordan Carver Found an Austrian!!!

Jordan Carver goes out and picks up a young Austrian Girl and they decide to go play in the barn... brilliant!!! Then the Austrian girl started acting naughty.. brilliant!!!

In the latest Jordan Carver Pics called 'Heustadl', Jordan and sexy Austrian Girl get together and play in the hay with our sexy busty Jordan having to discipline the Austrian babe. This makes for an uber fantastic photo set. Jordan Carver has such a great body and her little leather shorts are super sexy. Even though we don't see her nipples, Jordan is showing more breast flesh which rocks big time.

Click here to check out the rest of the sexy Heustadl set... enjoy, cheers

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Jordan Carver Blog - Rocking Vegas Big Time

Utterly and outstandingly incredible!!! Jordan Carver as always looks super killer hot. She is ultra stunning in the pic above and blow my mind hot in the the pic below. Jordan Carver was in Las Vegas recently second time round for the 'Spy on Vegas Bikini Competition' which she placed in the Top 10. You can watch her own video by clicking here.

These Jordan Carver pics are taken at Ceasars Palace which has one of the best pool areas that I have seen and I am sure there must of been a ton of gawking eyes when Jordan arrived at the pools.

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Monday, September 5, 2011

Jordan Carver Pics - Delta - Crazy Hot

Alright, enough of this summer time lingering, time to get back to where I belong and that is blogging the ever beautiful Jordan Carver and get this blog back to ranking number 1. Before I went and enjoyed my summer too much, I was outranking Jordan Carver's own official site and now have seem to have dropped off.

Back to all seriousness and sexiness that is Jordan Carver. When I received notification from JC about a new set she just released called Delta, I was like damn, this is crazy hot, mental actually. Its a fetish shoot where by Jordan Carver claims to be King and rule all men. Bloody Hell, Jordan can rule me over all day long, I am not complaining. What I absolutely digg about this set is the incredible colours and contrasts. The greens and blacks just shout out loud and Jordan just looks incredibly super sexy.

Visit Jordan Carver now and get in to enjoy the full Delta photo set. Oktoberfest will be upon us soon and have word that Jordan is heading out there to enjoy... cheers

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Jordan Carver at SPY ON VEGAS Event

Enjoy the video....

Click here to view all the photos of Jordan Carver at the SPY ON VEGAS Bikini Contest... enjoy, cheers

Jordan Carver Having Fun

Great view from here, absolutely love it. In this photo shoot our busty Jordan Carver is shooting for German TV RTL on a her modeling. Jordan says that she had a lot of fun doing this shoot. I had a lot of fun looking through these pictures....

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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Jordan Carver Sexy at ComiCon

OH BOY!!!!

I fell in love with Jessica when this movie came out way back in '88. Hot babe with nice big breasts, yes even though it was in comic form, Jessica was still pipers HOT!!!. When I read from Jordan that she was going to ComicCon in San Diego, I was anticipating what Jordan Carver would be going as, as everyone does dress up to this convention. When I saw that pics from her latest update and that Jordan went as Jessica, my heart skip a few beats... DAMN Jessica has nothing and I mean absolutely nothing on our favourite busty goddess, Jordan Carver.

Please do yourself a huge favour and get on over to Jordan Carver's personal website and check out all the latest SnapShots from ComiCon... enjoy, cheers

Jordan Carver Rocking ZOO Big Time

SUMMER IS MAGIC!!! There is absolutely nothing better than hot summer days, fun in the sun and sipping on a few Caipairinhas. Sorry that I have been away too long but I cannot resist heading out to the coast when summer hits.

Now back to what is really important. Jordan Carver. Jordan is rocking the cover of ZOO magazine once again. I think it is the 3rd time our luscious busty beauty has graced the UK based Mag. The headline reads: Jordan Carver - The boobs are back!!! They can be back very often as she gives the mag a super boost. The spread in the magazine is ultra sexy as per Jordan standards as we know it. 

Also a great piece of trivia, she is the first none British Babe to grace the cover more than once. More ground covered by the busty JC.... As always, with each event, there is a photo set accompanied with it and as you can see by the above photo, who wants to see more of the very sexy Jordan Carver.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Jordan Carver Airgun Hot Shot!!!

Jordan Carver is hot hot hot in her latest HD Video called Airgun. She looks smashing her her outfit and a super looking babe too. Jordan is game for anything and one thing I admire about her is that she is super glamorous but give her a quad or a gun and she is no girly girl. Some girls know how to throw and some girls throw like umm a girl. Jordan Carver throws big time.
You must click here and join her website and catch Jordan Carver shooting an airgun, its awesome... enjoy, cheers!!!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Jordan Carver Passion

Jordan Carver takes total gorgeousness to another level. Just when you wow that was such an awesome set, Jordan just produces another over the top, ultra hot set. This latest set is called Passion and you can feel the passion through the screen. Jordan Carver is a world class babe and each new set is always one step up and leaves you breathless and if you do manage to recover, another sublime set or video is released.
Click here to visit Jordan Carver's official website and check out the Passion Video and Photo Set... enjoy, cheers

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Jordan Carver Getting Fit!

Does Jordan Carver really need to work out? I don't think so... BUT knowing Jordan, she does not settle for anything less than the best. Jordan wants to be on top of her game and ready for the season. Hey we get to enjoy sexy Jordan Carver getting all hot and sweaty, how awesome is that. Have a look at her boobs above!!!!
Click to visit Jordan Carver's official website and see a hotness to the max Workout Photo Set... enjoy, cheers

Jordan Carver Inky Dinky

Jordan Carver and another babe??? Woah, nice!!! Ink Dot Com features the beautiful Jordan Carver getting up close with a gorgeous Ink Babe and getting Tatooed. This set is hot and it is great to see sexy Jordan doing a set with another babe. I am sure will be seeing more of these in the near future.
Click here to visit Jordan Carver's official website and enjoy Ink Dot Com...enjoy, cheers

Monday, June 6, 2011

Jordan Carver Summer Time Hotness!!!

Its summer and its hot... Its Jordan Carver and its pipers... Jordan Carver is totally sexy to the max in this photo set called Summer Breeze. After seeing this awesome set I do not think there is anything that will cool me or you down at all. Not sure how that ice cream is still whole...

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Jordan Carver at the Mille Miglia

Jordan Carver attended the super legendary Mille Miglia which is a 1000 mile rally event from Brescia to Rome and back again. This rally features the top exotic luxury sports cars and especially Ferraris. But I think this years Mille Miglia was extra special and will go down as the Best Mille Miglia in history. Why? Well Jordan Carver was there!!! Our beautiful Jordan Carver is travelling in Italy on vacation as stopped by to check out all the hot cars participating. I am sure once Jordan arrived, all eyes were on her checking out her bodacious super hot body.
Click here to check out more of Sexy Jordan Carver at the Mille Miglia... enjoy, cheers

Monday, May 16, 2011

Jordan Carver Visits Pisa

Our favourite busty goddess, Jordan Carver is currently in Italy on vacation and has dropped off some pictures of her sight seeing in Pisa. Jordan looks like she is get some rest and relaxation before belting out some more heart stopping super sexy over the top sets and videos for her members.

Jordan will be adding more pictures from the different cities and towns that she is visiting and you can catch all the skinny here at The Jordan Carver Blog. For more pictures of Pisa, click here to join her website and enjoy her vacation diary in high-res and also there is a video too... enjoy, cheers

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

You are Tops Jordan Carver

This is another incredibly sexy set produced by the lovely Jordan Carver. Well her body is just out of this world and for me its what kind of lingerie is Jordan going to wear next. Jordan is sexy and the underwear she wears is ultra sexy. Jordan has a great body and looks fantastic in anything she wears.
Click here to view the full Aqua Photo Set today... enjoy, cheers

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Ooohh Dancing with Jordan Carver

One thing Jordan Carver has mastered, is the use of colours. All her photo sets are vivid and alive, her settings, tones and scenes are superb and this sets her apart from the rest. Great work Jordan, you are totally brilliant.

Click here to view Jordan Carver Sundance photo set
... enjoy, cheers

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Jordan Carver Sexy Red in the Woods

Have you NOT seen this set yet? Well you are missing out big time. Jordan Carver is giving sexy a whole new outlook in her latest set and yes Little Red Riding should of waited to be released after Jordan gave her take on it.
Click to view the full Red Riding Hood photo set... enjoy, cheers