Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentines Day with Jordan Carver

Happy Valentines day to you all. What is the best way to start your Valentines Day, the day of love with the super beautiful Jordan Carver. Jordan Carver gives all her members a treat today and if you have not joined her site you are only have yourself to blame and going to miss out on something very special. Click the get instant access button below and have Valentines Day with Jordan Carver, what are you waiting for???? enjoy, cheers

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Jordan Carver Valentines Day Special

Guys its that time of the year, yip the Super Sexy Jordan Carver has great feelings for her fans and that is why hse is releasing 2 fantastic sets for you on Valentines Day. As always Jordan Carver does not disappoint and you will be blown away from her latest content, no sneekers here, do not want to ruin your Valentines Day Surprise. Click the Get Instant Access button and join today and experience this ultra super beauty first hand along with her Valentines Special.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Jordan Carver Re-Loaded

1 year has gone by already since the beautiful and stunningly, gorgeous Jordan Carver opened her website for all of us to enjoy. Jordan Carver has taken the world by storm and in my opinion and I am sure in many that she was the top babe of 2010. Jordan will be on top of the game for many years to come and has re-designed her website for her 1 year anniversary and given her website a super fresh look. There was nothing wrong with the design and layout before but it just goes to show that Jordan Carver is on top of it and doing what others completely miss out on. Jordan has drive and bundles of enthusiasm as well as super sex appeal. Jordan Carver, you are head and shoulders ahead of the game, keep up what you are doing, you will top 2011 too.

Enjoy the Outtakes video below and get to her website and join. Jordan has big ideas, do not miss out. Click here to join

Outtakes Part I from Jordan Carver on Vimeo