Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Jordan Carver Collection

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Check out the 3rd picture of Jordan in a white tight dress, too sexy for words... enjoy, cheers 

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Jordan Carver Racer X - Coming Soon!!!

Jordan Carver teams up with Scotty JX once again to bring you an all new action packed Racer X. This new ActionGirl photo-set will be coming soon and I can assure that it is going to be Super Rockin Hot. Join ActionGirls today and get ready for our ultra sexy goddess Jordan Carver Racer X set... enjoy, cheers

Jordan Carver is Stunning to the Max!!!

If you think Jordan Carver is Stunning, think again. Jordan Carver takes beautiful, stunning, gorgeous, sexy, bodacious to a whole new level. Jordan is more than that, really can't describe the level of awesomeness she portrays. A goddess, out-of-this-world-beauty yes, but still not enough to describe her. Jordan Carver is over top hot and in my opinion no other big bust babe of babe as a matter of fact does not come anywhere close to her. Some may argue my last point, but that is my point. You can click here to view some free pictures in Jordan Carver's Tour section of her website, but do yourself a huge favor and join today. You will enjoy Jordan more... enjoy, cheers

Monday, April 25, 2011

Jordan Carver Mine Photo Set

This is one very sexy and very hot photo set called "Mine". Jordan Carver gets industrial and gives us a taste of how she, single handedly can make mining look a whole new profession. Jordan is gorgeous no doubt about it and everything about this set is spectacular. Click here and go have a look for yourself. Join Jordan Carver's website and see the full Mine Photo Set and High-Def videos...enjoy, cheers

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Jordan Carver Wardrobe Pics

I think I speak for everyone that we would all love to help Jordan Carver get dress and decide which outfit to wear. Although she would not get very far with me as I would want to see her in everything that she does have and just admire Jordan's super body and stunning beautiness. One thing with Jordan Carver is that all her content is top quality. No matter what the theme or location, you know you are going to enjoy every minute of it. So do yourself a favour, click here and join Jordan Carver's website today and view the full Wardrobe Photo Set and videos in High-Def... enjoy, cheers

Friday, April 22, 2011

Jordan Carver Lady in Red

What comes to mind when you hear Lady in Red? Chris de Burgh... well no more as our beautifully gorgeous and super stunning Jordan Carver is the only Lady in this world than make a sexy Red Dress hotter hot can be... like Hotness to the Max!!!!

How stunning is Jordan Carver in this picture??? Off the charts hot!!!!

Total stunner and super elegant is what Jordan Carver is and this picture was taken for HauteShopLA...

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Jordan Carver a gift from above

This is not Jordan Carver's latest update but just a picture that I want to share with you. How is the view? My goodness, you cannot ask for a better shot from above. I love the way Jordan is holding her massive breasts and smiling so beautifully. Jordan Carver is a super babe and you can click here to see the full Pool photo set... enjoy, cheers

Monday, April 18, 2011

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Jordan Carver Pics Tuscan Shower

What a great way to start the spring than with Jordan Carver wearing a stunning hot bikini. In her latest photo set called Tuscan Shower, Jordan Carver is in a natural setting which make this photo set top quality one to add as a favorite. There are some extraordinary photo shots of the beautiful Jordan Carver with hair in full motion fling, brilliant. You will love this set as much as I do, but you have to do yourself a huge favor and get into Jordan's website. Click here to view the full Tuscan Shower set and join today