Friday, September 23, 2011

Super Goddess at the Jordan Carver blog

We all know and can agree that Jordan Carver is a Super Hot Sexy Babe. Honestly isn't she much more than that? I honestly and think and this is my own opinion, that Jordan Carver can claim Super Goddess status now. Jordan is top of the Goddess list, untouchable. I love her catch phrase on her website "because normal girls can't dress like this"; very true. Well other girls do not have a body like you miss Jordan Carver.

As October fast approaches, the whole of Bavaria is preparing for the biggest annual folk festival of the year with lots of beer and babes wearing Drindls. Also our Super Goddess, Jordan Carver is all geared up for the festival which should be a rockin good time once again.

Jordan Carver Gallery of Snapshots will be loaded with updates, pictures and videos of her frolics in Munich. So if you want to catch all the skinny and not miss our, join Jordan Carver's website today.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Pink Stunner - Jordan Carver Blog

WOW!!! Damn, this is super crazy hot. White picket fences and a busty babe wearing a very sexy hot pink bathing suit. What neighborhood is this, because I need to move! Busty Jordan Carver puts on a very sexilicious bathing suit, goes outside and gives her tits a nice squeeze. Just too brilliant.

Click here to see the all the Jordan Carver Images from this super sexy set.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Sailing White Bikini - Jordan Carver Gallery

All hands on _ _ _ _! Now this is one boat I want to be on. Jordan Carver goes sailing with a white, sexy bikini. How brilliant is that! Not sure how the sailor or captain of this vessel was able to leave and return to port without capsizing it with all this Jordan Carver distraction going on. Its just too damn hot for any boat.

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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Jordan Carver Gallery - Skimpy Tee and Bra-less

Now this is a super great set called Air from the latest Jordan Carver Gallery. Our gorgeous Jordan Carver at an air show wearing grey shorts and a very skimpy white vest with NO BRA!!! DAMN.... I absolutely love her tits. Have a good look at the picture above. Look where they sit, that is absolutely hot. AND the picture below is mind blowing hot. Have a look at her nipples, they in a very nice position on her big breasts, goddess tits!!!!

This is a great set and I know you will enjoy this very much. If you are not a member of Jordan Carver's website, please do yourself a favor and get in. You are missing out big time.

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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Jordan Carver Blog - Rocking London Big Time!

Our sexiest babe of babes did a little stop over in London on her way to Bavaria and took in the sights and sounds of the bustling English City. Jordan Carver has said that London is one of her favourite cities to visit. The only sight I am enjoying are those of the super sexy, super busty Jordan Carver.

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Monday, September 12, 2011

Jordan Carver Pics - Stunning Glamour

The Jordan Carver Blog would like to present to you Crazy Super Hot Out of This World Stunningly Gorgeous photos of the very sexy Jordan Carver from GlamourShow.

Please Click here to see the complete GlamourShow Photo Set...

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Jordan Carver Found an Austrian!!!

Jordan Carver goes out and picks up a young Austrian Girl and they decide to go play in the barn... brilliant!!! Then the Austrian girl started acting naughty.. brilliant!!!

In the latest Jordan Carver Pics called 'Heustadl', Jordan and sexy Austrian Girl get together and play in the hay with our sexy busty Jordan having to discipline the Austrian babe. This makes for an uber fantastic photo set. Jordan Carver has such a great body and her little leather shorts are super sexy. Even though we don't see her nipples, Jordan is showing more breast flesh which rocks big time.

Click here to check out the rest of the sexy Heustadl set... enjoy, cheers

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Jordan Carver Blog - Rocking Vegas Big Time

Utterly and outstandingly incredible!!! Jordan Carver as always looks super killer hot. She is ultra stunning in the pic above and blow my mind hot in the the pic below. Jordan Carver was in Las Vegas recently second time round for the 'Spy on Vegas Bikini Competition' which she placed in the Top 10. You can watch her own video by clicking here.

These Jordan Carver pics are taken at Ceasars Palace which has one of the best pool areas that I have seen and I am sure there must of been a ton of gawking eyes when Jordan arrived at the pools.

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Monday, September 5, 2011

Jordan Carver Pics - Delta - Crazy Hot

Alright, enough of this summer time lingering, time to get back to where I belong and that is blogging the ever beautiful Jordan Carver and get this blog back to ranking number 1. Before I went and enjoyed my summer too much, I was outranking Jordan Carver's own official site and now have seem to have dropped off.

Back to all seriousness and sexiness that is Jordan Carver. When I received notification from JC about a new set she just released called Delta, I was like damn, this is crazy hot, mental actually. Its a fetish shoot where by Jordan Carver claims to be King and rule all men. Bloody Hell, Jordan can rule me over all day long, I am not complaining. What I absolutely digg about this set is the incredible colours and contrasts. The greens and blacks just shout out loud and Jordan just looks incredibly super sexy.

Visit Jordan Carver now and get in to enjoy the full Delta photo set. Oktoberfest will be upon us soon and have word that Jordan is heading out there to enjoy... cheers