Monday, September 5, 2011

Jordan Carver Pics - Delta - Crazy Hot

Alright, enough of this summer time lingering, time to get back to where I belong and that is blogging the ever beautiful Jordan Carver and get this blog back to ranking number 1. Before I went and enjoyed my summer too much, I was outranking Jordan Carver's own official site and now have seem to have dropped off.

Back to all seriousness and sexiness that is Jordan Carver. When I received notification from JC about a new set she just released called Delta, I was like damn, this is crazy hot, mental actually. Its a fetish shoot where by Jordan Carver claims to be King and rule all men. Bloody Hell, Jordan can rule me over all day long, I am not complaining. What I absolutely digg about this set is the incredible colours and contrasts. The greens and blacks just shout out loud and Jordan just looks incredibly super sexy.

Visit Jordan Carver now and get in to enjoy the full Delta photo set. Oktoberfest will be upon us soon and have word that Jordan is heading out there to enjoy... cheers

1 comment:

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