Thursday, November 10, 2011

Jordan Carver Topless Can You Spot Her Nipple?

Oh yes and if you can't spot it, that's your loss. Jordan Carver you are absolutely stunning!!!

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Jordan Carver Rocking TAO Big Time!!!

Jordan Carver was recently in Vegas for the SEMA show which she is the current Miss Cobra Seats 2011. While in Vegas, the beautiful Jordan likes to have fun and there is no better place than TAO night club at The Venetian hotel. (Tip) If you ever go to TAO, don't go with guys only, make sure you have a lady friend with you preferably showing some cleavage. First time I went to TAO with 4 friends, we were turned away. Went back with my beautiful busty wife showing cleavage and it was Right this way Sir!.

Check out more of Jordan Carver in Vegas at her website. ROCK ON Jordan Rock On!