Saturday, September 29, 2012

Jordan Carver Calendar 2013

This is super awesome. Here is a sneak peak of Jordan Carver's 2013 Calendar which will soon go on sale at Jordan's online store. You can Pre-Order it today!!!

Thanks to for the images. This calendar is going to be freakin off the charts... I have my copied ordered have you???

=> Don't wait or you will miss out, GO pre-order yours!

Jordan Carver at Oktoberfest 2012

Its that time of the year when the biggest beer drinking festival happens... Its OKTOBERFEST and our favorite busty babe, Jordan Carver is at the festival once again.

It has been my dream to go to Munich and take part in beer drinking fest so hopefully one day I will get there. It you have been a fan of Jordan's you will know that she makes the trip to Germany every year to be at the festival and gets really into it with the awesome Drindl - German Folk Dress - which looks damn hot. Nice cleavage....

I am going to try and follow Jordan as much as I can during the fest and update often with all her latest happenings from there.

=> You can get all the latest updates as they are live at her website!

Friday, September 28, 2012

Is Jordan Carver Fit Enough?

Jordan Carver lives a very active lifestyle going to many locations and city to do shoots, videos, TV specials, etc.. yet she always finds the time to train. Jordan Carver is in great shape and maintains her awesome physique with Yoga and MMA workouts.

This is great fro us as Jordan likes to share photos from her workouts and we get to this gorgeous beauty in her workout outfits. They are freaken hot too!!!

You got to love the pushup angle above.... Wonder if she needs a spotter???

=> Get over to her website now and check out the full Workout set!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Jordan Carver Sparkling Photoset

Be careful when viewing this set, you might just catch a speed wobble... When I get notifications of new photo set releases from the super sexy hot Jordan Carver, I pretty much drop everything and go have a look. This results in time well spent viewing this Goddess in her all her glory.

The latest photo set is called 'Sparkling' and it is another hot hot hot set. What a great body. Did you know that not only does Jordan do Yoga, but she also does major MMA workouts??? She is on top of it all... brilliant!

October is around the corner and you know that the biggest beer fest is on its way. Look out for sexy Jordan at the Oktoberfest. There is always awesome videos and photo posted from the Germany.

=> Get in at Jordan Carver's website and enjoy her!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Jordan Carver Thunderously Hot!!!

I am Thunder struck big time!!!

Jordan Carver does not stop producing top quality content and Thunder is just incredible. Jordan is working with top photographers who produce super quality photos with brilliant lighting that brings out the colors perfectly. It just brilliant photography and who better to shoot than Jordan Carver.

Jordan has released yet again another top notch photo set that you cannot miss out on. Have a look at another sample pic on my Jordan Carver Fan Pinterest board.

=> Go to Jordan's website and get the full set


Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Jordan Carver and Her Sweet Lollipop

Jordan Carver is dangerously hot. Its a good thing that we do not check the interGoogle or email for Jordan Carver updates while driving otherwise there would be daily mass pile ups.

Jordan Carver has produced yet again another stupendously hot photo set called Lollipop... Please watch yourself as you gaze majestically as you watch Jordan suck on her sweet.. Yeah I know its hard not to take your eyes off her. She is beautiful.

=> Head on over to Jordan's website and check out the full Lollipop photo set now!!!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Jordan Carver a Supernova in Her Own Right

In the galaxy, supernovas are fantastic and amazing occurrences of galactic matter forming something truely unbelievable, but still does not come close to the real and ultimate Supernova, Jordan Carver.

=> You have to join her website to enjoy this Supernova Photoset in High-Res, out of this world.

Monday, September 3, 2012

The Sexiest Mermaid You Will Ever See

Hello there!!! What a freaken super babe. This is probably one of the best ways to start the week and a very super hot sexy Jordan Carver photo set.

Her latest set is called Black Mermaid and although I have never come face to face with this mythical creatures, I will say that if there were any, they would not come close to the beautiful and stunning Jordan Carver.

=> Have a look at the full Black Mermaid set in the members area, you will be mezmerized!!!